China Cross - Straits Technology and Projects Fair
A Well-known Platform for Independent Innovation in the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwa
China Cross - Straits Technology and Projects Fair

CSTPF - Carrier for Innovation-Driving and Project-Motivating


Disjunctions between R&D achievements and their applications, such as low conversion rates, disconnection between science and technology with economic development, filed-but-not-applied research findings, conflicts of project supply and demand, limited access to valuable projects, etc. have been problems perplexing both scientific and technological circle and the business community.

Meanwhile, due to relatively shortage of resources in Fujian Province and serious disparity of economic structure, Fujian must take the way of innovation-driving and project-motivating in order to speed up the development of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Straits. In early 2003, CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Fujian Provincial People’s Government have decided to hold China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair (CSTPF) (originally China-Fujian Technology and Projects Fair) in Fuzhou from 18 to 20 June annually.

Themed on “Project-Technology-Capital-HR”, CSTPF is co-sponsored by Fujian Provincial People’s Government and relevant ministries of the national government, organized by Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and supported by relevant provincial departments and the governments of municipalities.

The CSTPF functions as a platform for project-application linkage. On one hand, it gathers advanced and applicable research results from both domestic and international research institutions for the linkage-up with enterprises. On the other hand, it searches solutions with scientific research institutions for the shared and specific technical difficulties arose during the industrial progress of Fujian Province. In this way, CSTPF has pushed forward in-depth combination of production, teaching and research, bringing about a win-win situation for both research institutions and enterprises.


  CSTPF Concentrating Strengthen, Achieving Brilliance

Six year since CSTPF was initiated and thanks to the enthusiastic participation and support from various sections of the society, the scale and level of the Fair have been escalated and its effects have been emerging. CSTPF has already demonstrated itself as a well-known platform for independent innovation in the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Straits with overall and coordinated measures adopted, development level upgraded, concerted efforts strengthened and essential factors gathered.

Over the past six years, the number of experts and scholars participating in CSTPF has increased from 300 in the 1st session to 3,100 in the 6th session, among which the number of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering has increased to 75 in the 6th session from 26 in the 2nd Session. The number of representatives of enterprises has increased from around 3,000 to over 120,000. Enterprises have turned from “to be asked to link-up” to “asking to link-up”, showing great enthusiasm on “searching projects and busy contacting”.

Major achievements include:

1. Through constant and various project linkage-up activities, CSTPF effectively serves the

industrial development requirements of Fujian, the upgrade the industrial level and the growth of the industrial clusters. The Fair has become a propeller to the overall boost of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Straits.

In the past six years, CSTPF has recruited and introduced a total number of 35,000 research findings from home and abroad, 3,900 enterprises’ technical requirements, and reached 16,799 contracts and project agreements, bring about over RMB300 billion social investment. So far, about 70% of the matched contracts and project agreements have been put into implementation and some of which have even completed construction and put into operation. Quite a number of R&D achievements with high scientific and technological contents and practical utilities have rooted in Fujian.

2. CSTPF further promotes the in-depth combination of production, teaching and research and pushes forward independent innovation of enterprises, making itself an important channel for scientific and technical researchers going to the grassroots and contributing to the enterprises. Over the past six years, more than 10,000 experts and specialists in different fields have been invited to CSTPF, among which 524 are academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering. Projects proposed or developed by those academicians have been implemented in Fujian, among which 34 projects have gained considerable returns.

Accordingly, CSTPF has provided an effective way for universities and scientific research institutions to figure out the requirements of the grassroots. Advocated by “Reaching from the Sky & Standing on the Earth” indicating pragmatic oriented research mode, universities, colleges and research institutes of Fujian have proposed initiatives for the construction of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Straits through the platform of CSTPF. Thousands of Fujian enterprises have joined hands with quite a number of domestic and international universities, colleges and research institutes, establishing a multi-form and multi-level cooperation modality featuring on the combination of production, teaching and research. The implementation of so-called “high-level matching” or “source cooperation” enables enterprises with a flow of scientific, technique, project and intellectual support. 

3. Accelerating the transformation of government functions from administrative to service-oriented. CSTPF has further expanded space for government organs to serve enterprises and the grassroots. Through providing service to both sides of project supply and demand, the connection among government organs, universities, colleges, research institutes and enterprises has been tightened. Through activities such as “going-out & inviting-in”, collecting research achievements and technical requirements, match-making, follow-up management and service, etc. the functional government departments have been changing the working method and improving the service standard. 

4. CSTPF has become an important carrier for the supports to the development of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Straits from different state departments. Since the 4th CSTPF, the number of government sponsors has been increasing year on year. For the 7th session, 15 government departments and organizations, such as Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Chinese Communist Youth League, All-China Women’s Federation, China Association for Science and Technology, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Western Returned Scholars Association•Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association, the Government of Macao Special Administrative Region, and etc. will co-host with Fujian Provincial People’s Government. The active participation of the government bodies and organizations provide impetus for more domestic and international universities, colleges and research institutions to get involve in the CSTPF, making the event more influential and effective.

5. Pushing forward cross-straits scientific and technical exchanges and cooperation. Over the past few years, basing on the geographic advantage to Taiwan, CSTPF has been collecting, promoting and match-making the scientific and technical achievements centering on the complementary industries of Fujian and Taiwan, such as electronic information, automobile, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry and modern agriculture, which has upgraded the Fujian-Taiwan linkage-up from the project level to the industrial field. In the past six sessions, over 2,200 research findings from Taiwan have been collected, more than 300 of which have been applied. Meanwhile, activities and events like Special Exhibition of Cross-Straits Green Architecture and Architecture Energy Conservation, Cross-Straits Youth Forum, Forum on Cross-Straits Intellectual Property and Cross-Straits Inventors’ Seminar contribute to a closer relationship in the fields of science, technology and enterprises between Fujian and Taiwan. CSTPF has been an important platform for the exhibition and exchanges of research achievements.


CSTPF - Innovation Makes Core Value

1. System innovation. To meet the requirements of “Extensive Science & Technology, large-scale cooperation, broad opening-up” and the market economy, CSTPF has established a promotion system proceeding with the transformation from research achievements to actual productivity. An updated system of linkage from top to bottom, specialization and cooperation, and overall promotion for technical transformation and project application has been realized, which is an effective and practical exploration to the establishment of a market-oriented, enterprise-centered and production-teaching-research combined science-tech innovation system put forward by the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The project planning capabilities with the departments of sci-tech and industries has been enhanced through the activities of CSTPF. Moreover, with active participation of non-industrial departments and various other government bodies and organizations, overall concerted efforts have been extended to the transformation of research achievements.

2. Mechanism innovation. In order to realize the goal of “Three-day Fair, All-year Linkage-up”, CSTPF has set up organizations and teams for regular work at the Development and Reform Departments of the provincial and municipal level. The website ( and the 24-hour service hotline (0591- 969618) is open to the public; the fortnightly Overview of CSTPF has been issued; tea parties for project-production linkage-up are hosted; and CSTPF service center has been set up. All these have been facilitating zero-distant project information release and search for enterprises, universities, colleges and research institutions, with the stage of CSTPF never curtains down.

3. Service innovation. A province-municipality-county three-level networking for CSTPF projects tracking, service and management has been established and perfected. Meanwhile, follow-up service for the CSTPF project linkage-up has been emphasized, which means practical supports and solutions must be provided during the process of project-production transformation. Each year, a special fund of RMB100 million is allocated from the provincial budget to assist CSTPF project linkage-up. Over the past six years, 1731 projects have been supported with nearly RMB600 million funds allocated, effectively facilitating the commercialization of the advanced and applicable research achievements in Fujian.


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